Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ten on Ten :: November

A favorite little glimpse

My "take to work" pile (except it was facing the other way... just tilt your head for the full effect)

Construction is coming along...
They're building a new Target, right by our house! I'm not shopping at Target right now, but hopefully in the future I will, because this is going to be really convenient.
Hello, cubicle.

Carts and carts of Halloween books in the Youth Services office, making their way back down to storage

In my cubicle, I have two little shelves. This is the top one...
And this is the bottom one.

Here is a close-up of part of the bottom shelf. That metal thing is something I found in a cookie in the staff lounge. I almost cracked a tooth on it. I keep it because it's a good conversation piece. And good motivation for me to stay out of the lounge. I'd like to keep my teeth, thank you very much.

View from the bus on the way home (at 5pm! It's so dark!)... that's a new co-op going up within walking distance to the library! Hooray!

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Kathy said...

Just wanted to let you know that I look forward to the 10th of every month. And you should also know I love your blog. :)