Monday, June 24, 2013


Remember the tiny little bean plants I showed off in May?  They've grown... and grown... and grown!  Take a look:

My husband is tall-- but our bean plants are taller!  

Yesterday, one of them finally climbed all the way up to the roof.  Now what?  The seed package said they could grow up to six feet tall.  The seed company apparently wasn't ready for expert gardeners like the Struckmeyers.   

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dirty Little Secrets

I just read this post about the secrets of tidy families; even though we don't have children, my husband and I could use a little help in this area.  I was struck hard by point #1 ("Their whole family has less stuff").  I've been kind of slacking on my 1,000 things challenge, and I have a few certain items I've been hemming and hawing over... I know we don't need them, and I don't even particularly love them, but what if I want them someday?  And what if they're worth money?  You know what, I just decided that I don't care.  They're going in the yard sale pile, and if they don't sell, they're going to Goodwill.  If I want them someday, chances are I can buy them again, thanks to the miracle of the Internet. 

Speaking of the Internet, I was also struck by point #2 ("They surf the internet less").  We don't have Internet service at home, but I'm on the verge of buckling and getting it.  I've avoided it for so long for two reasons:  I'm cheap, and I prefer interaction during our downtime rather than screen-staring.  And also I'm kind of controlling, but that's another post entirely.  We're still going to get Internet (probably), but hopefully we can keep our surfing in check.  And maybe I'll donate our laptop to Goodwill, so it won't even be an issue.  Just kidding. 


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Seven on Ten: June 2013

1 & 2: Waiting for my ride to work
3 & 4: Container garden growing right before our eyes
5: Dinner outside!
6: Project-oriented husband
7: Treasure from the clearance rack... a girl in my sixth grade class had one of these (the clear one), and I thought it was the coolest thing.  That same girl wrote a poem about a boy in our class that has stayed with me all these years: "His hair is blond, his eyes are blue, his name is Aaron, his love holds true."  If you are not laughing right now, we have nothing in common. 

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Next Set of Items Up for Bid...

Well, I did it!  I lived out my dream of being an auctioneer for Wisconsin Public Television's annual fundraiser.  I was scheduled as an auctioneer on Thursday night and then on the phone bank with a group from work on Sunday afternoon.  But on Sunday morning, the auction organizer called... one of their afternoon auctioneers had called in sick, so I got to do it again! 
It was super, super fun!  I did have one really tough card with the words "Savoyards" and "Iolanthe" on it, but other than that it was pretty smooth sailing.  I already can't wait to volunteer again next year!