Monday, May 26, 2014

How to Surprise Your Mother

Have you ever wanted to surprise your mother?  Here's a no-fail, step-by-step method: 

1.  A few weeks ahead of time, ask her if she'd like to go with you to a book sale.  Make it sound really amazing-- they'll be selling lots of vintage German children's books, and each volunteer (oh, ya, you're volunteering at the sale) is only allowed to bring one other person to the pre-sale.  She might come up with excuses, so keep making the sale sound better and better.  Also mention that you usually bring your friend Kate with you, but this year she's due to have a baby around the time of the sale, so she probably won't be able to go.  Everything in step 1 is a lie, so feel free to embellish to your heart's content.  It's fun!  

2.  The day of the "book sale," meet your mom early for lunch.  Bring along a little gift bag.  Over lunch, plan your strategy for the book sale and mention that Kate had her baby the day before.  Since the lunch spot you picked is located one block from the hospital, ask your mom if she minds stopping by the hospital really quickly to drop off a gift before heading to the sale.  You won't stay long; you'll just drop off the gift and go.  Don't make it an option for your mom to wait in the car!  Kate would love to see her.  

3.  Check in at the hospital.  Fill out some paperwork.  If your mom mentions that she's never had to fill out paperwork to visit a baby before, say, "Me neither!  They've really tightened up security!"  Have a seat in the waiting room.  

4.  After waiting a few minutes, ask your mom if she wants to see the gift you have for Kate's baby.  Hand her the gift bag.  Watch as she pulls out a little box...

Inside the box, she finds a little hat, folded up... tell her to go ahead and unfold it... 

What's this?  

Wait a second!   

There is no book sale!  And Kate didn't really have a baby yesterday! 

 5.  Your husband pops out from behind the corner with the camera.  The nurse calls your name, and your mom gets to meet her new grandbaby for the very first time...