Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Sweetie Takes the Cake!

Earlier this year, I was super lucky to win a scholarship to a national institute that I've wanted to attend for as long as I've been a librarian.  The catch: it fell on our wedding anniversary.  And it was in Indianapolis.  After a little sweettalking, Karl agreed to go with me (it helped that we had an airline voucher).  I got to go to the institute, Karl got a lot of study time at the hotel, and we got to celebrate our anniversary together! 
Of course I can never pass up an opportunity to carry out a secret plan.  From the moment we decided to go, I knew exactly what I wanted to do: bring along a cake.  I could have gotten a cake in Indianapolis, of course, but I wanted it to be the same exact cake we had on our wedding day four years ago. So I called the bakery and ordered a little cake (chocolate with peanut butter mousse inside and white chocolate shavings outside).  I picked it up two days before we left and froze it according to the baker's instructions.  Then I carefully (and stealthily-- if you've never met me, I'll just tell you right now that I am very stealthy) packed it in my carry-on. 
 Catching our 7am flight in Madison... he would look more awake if he knew there was a cake in my bag! 

Breathing a sigh of relief after making it through security without even a second glance.  According to TSA's website, you can carry on cakes and pies, but they may be subject to additional screening.  I was sure they would need to screen my cake and the secret would be out!  Nope. 
Somewhere between Madison, Minneapolis, and Indianapolis, the cake got a teeny bit squished, but it was still lovely and delicious.  In what can only be described as a miracle, I had located our left over paper products from the wedding in our extremely disorgnized basement, and I brought along plates and napkins.  Aren't they darling? 
The best part was when I finished with my sessions for the day and I got back to the room.  I told Karl that the workshop had been in a really hot room and that I would love some ice water.  Would he please, please go fill up our ice bucket?  As soon as he left the room (Actually it was a suite-- we got upgraded!  That has never happened to me before.  It was awesome.), I literally ran around getting the cake out, taking it out of the box, setting out the plates and napkins... and when Karl came back with the ice, a mini version of our wedding cake was waiting for him!  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The New 30

One person in our household turned 40 on Sunday!  To celebrate, we visited a local apple orchard where we picked raspberries, bought apples and squash, and enjoyed a lovely day outside.  Then we headed to a brewery for a tour and tasting, and we topped off the day with sushi!  It was the perfect way to ring in a new decade.
Which is older?
Yes, there was a polka band at the orchard.  And we loved it.  This is why we can never leave Wisconsin. 
 At the brewery!
We sampled every single beer on tap (of course!).   

If the nursing career doesn't pan out, there's always bartending.   

 Karl noticed this sign on the bar...
he loved it because 1991 was the year he graduated from high school.  Take a look at the size of that beer sample!  That is a regular size glass, people.  Once again, we can never leave Wisconsin. 

Mmmm... sushi!  Dimly lit but delightful!
Many happy returns of the day to my sweet husband! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

As promised...

After thoroughly enjoying ourselves in Door County, we drove all the way across Wisconsin and up into Northern Minnesota.  I worked as a wilderness canoe guide for 5 summers in the Boundary Waters, and I haven't been back in 11 years.  It was just like I remembered it... only prettier, if that's possible!  We camped near a gorgeous set of falls; we could even hear it from our campsite.   And we fished a LOT.   I caught a smallmouth bass that we ate!  We spent some time at the base I worked out of, and I was thrilled to share this part of my life with Karl.  I think he liked it; he's already talking about going back next year!  




Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We're Back!

Did you miss us?  We just got home from a 100 percent wonderful 2-week vacation!  We spent the first week in Door County (Wisconsin), where we...


 went to a fish boil,
 crammed our car onto a ferry,
 climbed up dangerously high walls,
 visited my namesake bar (Did you know that my college nickname is AC?),
 cooked a pork tenderloin from my mom over the fire (best camp meal ever!),
 hung out at a cool old boathouse on Rock Island,
and basically had the best time ever. 
To avoid photo overload, I'll tell you about week #2 tomorrow!