Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mail Call!

Karl and I have been working hard at clearing clutter and getting rid of things we don't need or love.  I recently dug up these two treasures, and I'm returning them to their rightful owners. 
The first one is a sewing pattern from Better Living Magazine.  Most likely, we adopted this from a thrift store who-knows-when.  It was addressed to a woman in Madison, and when I looked her up, I found that she still lives here.  At least I think it's the same woman.  In any case, a woman with the same name as the woman who originally ordered this pattern will be receiving it in the mail. 

I'm not sure on a date, but the stamp only cost two cents.  On second thought, maybe the woman I'm sending this to isn't the original owner.  Is that even humanly possible?  To have been alive when something cost two cents to mail, and to still be alive now?  Additionally, the address on the pattern lists her name as beginning with "Mrs." so she had to have been at least 12 when this was sent.  Hmmm... suddenly this whole "same woman" thing is sounding fishy.  

When I said "sewing pattern," you probably thought, oh, it's a pattern for an apron.  Or a housecoat.  Or a prom dress.  Or a nice pair of slacks. 
Think again. 


If you feel like you need this pattern, the closest you can come online might be this one
Item #2 being packaged up and shipped out is the shirt my high school English teacher wore every Tuesday.  I borrowed it for Dress Like a Teacher day my senior year, and the teacher didn't want it back.  I've always felt badly for taking one of his five work shirts, so I've never gotten rid of it.  Eighteen years later, he's getting it back. 

Complete with original ink stain in the pocket. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Nine on Ten: Weekend Edition


... also known as "Food Edition." 

Coffee while writing our grocery list; farmer's market; delicious rainbow chard; I could eat an entire watermelon every day all by myself; M&M cookies for special delivery to new parents; a little garden harvest; pot pies to go with the cookies; Karl calls our pepper shaker the Dale Earnhardt Jr. chicken; framed vintage tea towel we're trying out in our entryway. 

Not pictured: windsurfing on Saturday afternoon, an outdoor play, a sleepover with a good friend, and my sweet husband who worked all weekend long. 

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Recipe for a Delicious Summer Supper

Lately we've been loving this salad; it can be split between two people as an appetizer, but you'll probably want to eat the whole thing yourself.  It makes the perfect entrĂ©e on a warm night.
1 ripe tomato (yellow or red)
1 large cooked beet
1 plum or peach
1 handful of basil
A few small dollops of goat cheese
Olive oil, black pepper, and balsamic vinegar
Slice up all of the produce and throw it willy-nilly on a plate.  It looks best that way.  Add the goat cheese, a sprinkle of pepper, and a drizzle of oil and vinegar.