Monday, April 22, 2013


I'm doing a challenge right now through Lululemon called Sweat this City.  Not that I own, or ever will own, any Lululemon items (see-through or otherwise), but this program offers eight free yoga and other classes over the course of two weeks.  How could I pass it up? 

Last week I went to a hot yoga class as part of the challenge.  The room was ridiculously hot.  Like a sauna, basically.  And there was a line to get in, so everyone was scurrying to get spaces and lay down their mats.  I crammed my mat into a spot in the back row (my usual favorite place in any kind of fitness class).  The instructor came in and casually said, "Just so you all know, the back row is the hottest place in the room."  As if we even had the option of moving at that point.  No problem, I told myself, it's only an hour.  I can survive anything for an hour.  Then the instructor started class... "Welcome to 90-minute Hot Yoga."   

I went to a TRX class over the weekend that was way more normal.  "Normal" meaning "regular temperature and only an hour," of course.   

Monday, April 15, 2013

My First Audition in Many Years

For the past seven years, I've volunteered at Wisconsin Public Television's annual fund-raising auction.  It's basically the highlight of my year.  I've done a variety of jobs, including working on the phone bank and calling winning bidders to tell them the good news.  But every year, I look with admiration and envy upon the auctioneers, who stand in front of the camera and read item descriptions with gusto and zeal. 

This year, I decided to follow my heart and audition to be an auctioneer.  That's right, you have to audition.  Because it's so awesome and everyone wants to do it, obviously.  My (very nervous) audition was a couple of weeks ago, and guess what?!  I made it!  I'm going to be an auctioneer!!!  I cannot wait.  I'll let you know when to tune in to the auction! 

Bid early and often! 

Monday, April 1, 2013

25 Percent

We're one quarter of the way through 2013!  This means I should be 25% finished with my goals for the year, right?  After a marathon banjo practice last night, I can proudly say that I'm 25 hours in to my 100-hour practice goal for the year.  And my "get rid of 1000 items" goal is also over one-quarter finished.  That has turned out to actually be a really easy goal.  As for the rest... I'm still basically at the starting line.  But I still have 9 months left to finish!  And there's always next year...