Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thirty Days of Thankfulness: Day 29

This morning before work, we hung up our Advent calendar. I still need to fill it up, but it made me so happy to get those 24 little stockings up on our fireplace.

Last night I got home from work after a looooong work day (ending at 9:00) and I found the sweetest surprise! My mom had dropped off a copy of this book, which I've been secretly wishing for. I'm thankful for my mom and her thoughtful treats. Can't wait to try some of the projects in the book-- there's even a squirrel ornament, which of course will be perfect for Woodland Critter Christmas!


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Cassie said...

I love your stockings! I wish I had the patience to start that project. Mabye once the kids are a bit older and I can count on someone besides me appreciating it (becaue they'll get the treats, not 'cause they'll care that I worked so hard on them). ;)