Monday, November 14, 2011

Thirty Days of Thankfulness: Day 14

I'm thankful for screen-free days (like yesterday!), when I don't look at a computer at all. So refreshing.

Last night I was talking with some friends about curtains. At our house, we still have the boring blinds that came with the house. Snooze. But I've been searching and searching for the perfect curtains-- or at least ones that I like. Nothing too sophisticated. Nothing too drapey. Just something fun and colorful. A few months back, I met the curtains of my dreams at a coffee shop. They were darling: floral but not too floral, colorful but not overwhelming. The barista told me the curtains were from Urban Outfitters, so of course I immediately tried to order them... only to find out that they were discontinued (why a company would discontinue the most darling curtains ever is beyond me). After our curtain chat yesterday, I decided to check out the Urban Outfitters site just to see what else they've come up with. And guess what? THEY'RE BACK! The perfect curtains are now available... backordered, but whatever. I just have to do some measuring at home and then order them. I cannot wait. And let me just say that the photos on the website don't do these curtains justice. They're way cuter than they look online. All that to say that I'm thankful for potential home improvements!


TK said...

very cute! curtains are impossible to buy, aren't they?

we have forest green blinds in our living room from the previous owner. we hated them so much right away, and said it would be one of the first things to change. 2.5 years later...still there. haven't found our 'perfect curtains' yet.

Laura said...

They are freaking adorable. I am excited for you to get them. Hopefully back order really means "we're just telling people they are on back order until Amanda gets what she needs."