Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thirty Days of Thankfulness: Day 16

Yesterday I started and ended my day at healthcare facilities. I had a 7:45am appointment at the clinic for routine blood tests, which was super fast and easy. But on my way to my banjo class last night, I was rear-ended, so after class I stopped by urgent care. Just a casual spine X-ray, nothing to worry about. So today I'm thankful for access to medical care.

The people at urgent care last night were really nice. I got there fifteen minutes before they closed, which I apologized for about a thousand times. They were all super cheerful and made me feel like I wasn't standing between them and their cozy houses and families (even though I was). I hope I treat library patrons the same way when they come in just before closing!


Kate said...

So glad you are okay!

Case said...

Oh no! How are you feeling? How is the car?

ErinM said...

How are you today?? Any pain?