Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thirty Days of Thankfulness: Day 12

How luxurious is it to lay in bed mid-morning, reading? Very. I love it. Today I'm thankful for the chance to relax.

For you curious readers who commented with questions:

1. Karl and I went to Luigi's, a new Food Fight restaurant near Sequoya Library, with Nichole and JM. I'll let you wait and read the full report on their blog, but for now, let's just say... go somewhere else. The best part was going next door for chocolate-dipped bananas for dessert and then checking out the self-check machines at the library (Nichole is a librarian, too; we love these things).

2. Photos of the miracle posters, taken in the driveway... there are 12 all together, but I'll just give you a little peek. They're by illustrator Brian Wildsmith and I think they were made in 1971. Each month features a different animal.

My friend Caitrin used to tell me that I was the world's worst photographer, because I was always cutting people's heads off in pictures. I guess that applies to turkeys, too (look on the left). Oops. Always room for improvement, I guess!

This one might be my favorite:

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Andrea Hansen said...

Where did you score the calendar pages? Do you have all 12?