Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Recipe Binder

Over the weekend, I organized all of my forlorn ragamuffin recipes. I had so many that were crammed between cookbook covers, stuffed in my recipe card box, and thrown in the bottom kitchen drawer. Poor babies. So I got myself a binder and organized the heck out of them.

First, I threw away any recipes that sounded gross or just didn't sound like something I would make. Then I threw away any recipe with the word "oleo" in it, with one exception. I know that oleo is just margarine, but that word reminds me of this woman in my hometown who had sparkly gold hair (definitely not natural). She would always say that before she and her husband went out drinking, they each ate half a stick of oleo to keep the alcohol from absorbing into their stomachs. And I just cannot handle that image, so good-bye, oleo-inclusive recipes.

My mom threw a really great wedding shower for me. She sent recipe cards with the invitations (the cards are from Etsy-- aren't they cute?), and guests wrote their favorite recipes on them and brought them to the shower. I love those cards, and they all went into the binder. This is where the one exception to my oleo rule comes in: my friend Laura gave me a recipe for a Hungarian coffee cake, and it calls for oleo. Laura is so wonderful, I can only imagine sweetness and light when I read her recipe, not sparkly-haired margarine eaters. So that recipe stayed.

This is the recipe I made for my first date with Karl, almost 4 years ago! It's still one of our favorites.
I'm in love with the recipe binder. Maybe this weekend I'll make something from the Soup section... or the Salad section... or even the Dessert section (which, by the way, has more recipes than any other section).


Elsworth said...

Ha! I remember the Oleo/drinking conversation, but not as well as the I-will-point-to-something-with-my-toe-and-you-pick-it-up conversation. Also, she said the word "gums" wrong. It sounded like "goomes." And for some reason, I remember her saying it a lot.

Chelle said...

Your recipe binder looks so, so great. Totally need to tackle mine soon as it's getting to the point where I am almost scared to open it up.

In reponse to your question about the lights. The kitchen light fixtures with the red stripe around them can be found through a place online called Schoolhouse Lighting. Hope that helps.

Andrea D. said...

I am having major deja vu regarding the point-with-toe and the whole "goomes" vs. "gums" thing, but cannot for the life of me connect all the dots. Amanda, you have to email me with this person's name. Seriously, eating straight Oleo? That's just wrong.

Fairlightday said...

Seriously, my 2 binders are probably 2/3 desserts and 1/3 everything else. :) I love binder cookbooks with such easy to wipe clean pages. Sadly, mine don't look pretty at all. I never took the time to gussy them up. Must do that some day soon.