Thursday, March 4, 2010

Way to go, Little Bro!

Congratulations to my brother, Elsworth, who was recently named as one of UW Madison's Forward Under 40 award recipients. If you get the Wisconsin Alumni Association magazine, you have probably already clipped out Elsworth's profile and framed it. But if not, here's a link to Elsworth's profile. Not every guy can pull off a red and pink argyle sweater vest!

I'm so proud of Elsworth! Especially since I know where he got his start...

This is newborn baby Elsworth with his big (four-year-old) sister Amanda, who couldn't even wait for him to be out of the hospital before reading him his first book. Our grandma, who he mentions in his Forward Under 40 profile, is holding him.

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shazam said...

Yes, I saw the news, pass on my congratulations to him!

Also he made mention of the book cart drill team... and I'm going to see Huey Lewis next month. Should I make a shirt that says "Dewey et. al. for My Baby"? Cuz that's what I think of when I hear Huey Lewis!!