Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This is going to be so great!

Karl and I got married in September of 2008, but we never really went on a honeymoon. We went to a cute little town north of Milwaukee for two nights, which was super fun, but we missed out on the lounging-on-the-beach-reveling-in-wedded-bliss type of thing. Until now. Because we are going to Mexico! Puerto Vallarta, to be exact. And we're not just stopping by; we're staying for two weeks. Two weeks! I cannot wait.

Of course I've checked out a bunch of travel guides from the library, so we're reading up on all the fun things to do around Puerto Vallarta. I probably need to start shopping for things like flip-flops and sunglasses pretty soon. Oh my gosh this is so exciting!


Caitrin said...

WOW! So fun. but two week?- that screams sun burn!

Leslie said...

did you go yet?
if not do the canopy tour, this is where NIck and I went on our honeymoon..

and although were weren't impressed with the market area at all..

we did the canopy and went on a boat to a private island for a massage plus amazing lunch.. now that was a good day.. and SO SO SO SO Cheap.

we stayed at the premiere resort and hotel and loved loved loved it.

its our dream to go back...

but in August.. during the rainy season... its wicked romantic. :)

enjoy Amanda.