Sunday, March 28, 2010

Give-Away Winner and Muppet Bonus!

1. Congratulations to Caitrin, who won our March give-away. Caitrin, your book and kitchen timer are in the mail... plus an extra little surprise!

2. Remember my totally awesome Muppet Whatnot? Well, you can get one for yourself right now at a bargain price! They're on sale for $99.99 at FAO Schwartz, and they're even throwing in free shipping!

3. Speaking of Whatnots, my friend Kate is pregnant, and apparently someone at her work (she has the coolest job in the world, by the way-- Kate, when are you going to start a blog?) told Kate she would buy her a Muppet Whatnot if she would find out whether she's having a boy or a girl.

4. Even if you don't think $99.99 is a great deal for a custom-made Muppet, at least do yourself a favor and try out the Muppet Whatnot Generator. It's fun!


Caitrin said...

YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!! I bet it was the nunnery comment

Leslie said...

how did I miss this.. what an awesome giveaway.

Julia said...

Man...Amanda, can't believe I missed the giveaway! Just came across your blog! Wish I would have know...I got you marked now! GREAT Giveaways! However I was a recipient of one of your fabulous giveaways once....I still use it! GREAT Resource that kicked off my knitting "career"
Hope all is well!