Thursday, March 25, 2010

Where would I be without...

  • My pannier bike bags? They're so useful, and they eliminate the need for biking with a backpack. I'd call them a bike-commuter necessity.
  • Trader Joe's? At first I resisted, but now I love it. My knitting group meets at a coffee shop across the street from TJ's, so most Tuesday nights I find myself wandering the aisles. A couple of my favorite products are the "just a handful" nuts, the ready-made whole wheat pizza crust dough, and the frozen cubes of ready-to-use garlic.
  • My knitting group? We've been meeting for at least five years. It's so nice to get together with people who are so real... and so talented.
  • My husband? He's in the middle of his nursing degree, and somehow he still finds time to put up shelves in the garage, fix everything, and watch The Office with me! Plus, he's a hunk. tee hee hee.

Just a small dose of gratitude on this lovely spring day.


Anna said...

You're awesome, and I'm proud to be in the knitting group with you.

Jessica said...

Ummm, you forgot Erika B., book carts, petty thievery and guinea pigs. I'm just going to assume that was an innocent oversight.

Leslie said...

love this post..
lots of happy things.

we love the whole wheat dough too.

try the sun dried tomatoe pesto torta... its to die for.

Chelle said...

oh such a lovely + happy little list...

I miss Trader Joes. Bad.