Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am so lucky!

I am not a winner. I mean, I'm not a loser either, but I don't usually win things. Until today, when I won TWO things! How awesome is that?! I basically cannot get over it.

Thanks to Jenn over at Knee Deep in Munchkin Land, I will soon be the very happy owner of a Starbucks gift card! Just in time for Frappuccino season, too!

Jessica at Living the Swell Life recently held a give-away for a beautiful felt flower pin from Kelly Hanson Handmade. I entered, thinking there was no way I would ever win. But I did! Thank you, Jessica and Kelly!

Thanks to these three lovely ladies, today went from "meh" to marvelous!

All this winning makes me think it's about time for another blog give-away here at Team Struckmeyer. What will it be??? I'm not sure, but it will be something fantastic. Fortunately for all of us, Anthropologie is on my way home, so maybe I'll pop in and see if I can find a give-away item there. I bet I can!

Hooray for give-aways, generous bloggers, and strangers sending little treats to one another!

3 comments: said...

anthro?? i am so in:) glad your day is officially marvelous!!

Leslie said...

oh the brooch is pure pure beauty... seriously.. how did I miss this giveaway.. I dunno..

look at you lucky girl!

Leslie said...

oh I wish you lived down the road.. I would bring them the cheesecake strawberries by for you today... :)