Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Like to Ride My Bicycle

Here are a few reasons why I love riding my bike to and from work:

  • It's super cheap. I got my bike 18 years ago, and I take it in for a tune-up once every two or three years. Super. Cheap.
  • It's nice to be outside.
  • It's good exercise.
  • It doesn't have an exhaust pipe.
  • It's highly maneuverable, which is really helpful when I see a noteable yard ornament. I can easily slow down, stop, or turn around and ride by a second or third time. Yesterday I noticed a pastel Winnie-the-Pooh yard ornament that needed a second look.
  • It's eye-opening. Yesterday, for example, I learned that there are people in this world that actually choose to own pastel Winnie-the-Pooh yard ornaments.

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jennyj said...

..and this isn't an april fool's joke?