Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thirty Days of Thankfulness: 11/29

Today I am thankful for...
  • Thanksgiving leftovers... such an easy dinner when I get home from work tonight!

  • Holiday stamps (the kind from the post office, not the rubber kind). I love them. In fact, I love everything about the post office.

  • Working within walking distance of a fabulous coffee shop/wine bar, Barriques. No wine on my lunch break, of course- just coffee, tea, or hot cocoa!

Speaking of cocoa, I just cannot wait one more minute to start our December give-away. I'll be sending one lucky reader a canister of Alterra Natural Mint Cocoa Mix (purchased at Barriques).

One reader (who shall remain anonymous) has requested a give-away that is less random and more competitive. I'm going to warn you, anonymous reader, you have no idea how competitive some of my family and friends are. Here's how to enter:

Write a poem in your choice of style about your favorite character in the Baby-Sitters Club. It could also be a poem to your favorite BSC character (a love letter of sorts). Please leave a comment with your poem and the name of the style you chose (I might not be able to tell on my own!). After the poem, leave a note describing what you would wear to a BSC meeting if you were heading over to Claudia's after school today.

Please enter by Saturday, December 5; Karl and I will choose a winner on December 6.

Have fun! Oh ya, I almost forgot-- I'm also thankful for the Baby-Sitters Club. And their fashionable outfits.


Anna said...

Claudia Kishi
Doesn't know how to spell well
But still brings the funk.

I would wear an oversized sweater with neon geometric shapes on it, as well as neon green leggings and neon pink legwarmers. And some LA Gear high tops.

shazam said...

Dawn, You and I are a lot a like. We are both vegetarians and care about the environment.

Alternate officer is kind of a lame position. But hey, you do have that sweet secret passage in your farmhouse.

Why do you always turn down candy from Claudia? That is something I'd never do.

No, I'm not jealous that you are from California. Ok, I am. You Rock Dawn!

(It's an acrostic)

I would wear tight-rolled jeans with an oversized yellow striped sweatshirt, socks scrunched down and yellow converse sneakers. My hair would be in a side pony tail using a scrunchie.

(I couldn't resist, I love the BSC!)

Anonymous said...

Awwww yeah. It is on!

The anonymous friend, still furiously thinking about his/her poem

Anonymous said...

Not pathetic

California casual, you love whales
A natural blonde who shops the sales

Cassie said...

If we were in Jr. High together we'd either be the best of friends or the worst of enemies, so alike we are.


Your big mouth rules the day and always helps you get your way

When boys try and prove their stuff
You show them that they aren't that tough

Your style is practical and easy
No need to be made up like Stacey

A BSC founder and member forever
Your loyalty will never waiver.

I'd wear a pair of blue jeans and sneakers with a red turtleneck and sweatshirt, and a baseball cap with my hair in a ponytail.

Anonymous said...

Director's chair,
Ponytailed hair,
Krushing the heck
Out of Bart's Bashers.
You know it, Kristy!

AndiMae said...

Oh, my goodness! I love the BSC! But it has been so long since I have read them- I feel like I can't remember anything...

But man, I loved those SuperSpecials. Those were awesome.

Kristin said...

Mallory, Jessi, Stacey, Claudia, Kristy,
Thinking back now my eyes go misty.
Tucked up in my bed too late at night,
Reading, hoping they'd resolve their fight.
My fave, Mary Anne, sensitive, true,
Patching things up, reuniting the crew.
Ah, the good old days of reading in bed.
Simple stories dancing in my head.
Now that I'm older, reading is deeper,
But in my heart, BSC is a keeper!

Though Mary Anne is my favorite, I think I would step up the style when meeting her! I'd go with a great pair of jeans and a my favorite green sweater-- comfy but cute, too.

Elsworth said...

How could I pick between my two favorite sitters, Mary Anne Spier and Dawn Schafer? I decided to capture both girls in a poem dedicated to the sisterly relationship between them. It is written in the style of (and inspired by) Kaye Starbird’s 1966 poem “The Sisters.” And if I went to a BSC meeting, I would wear a pair of stonewashed jeans with a turtleneck and an oversized peach colored sweater. And Keds that had been decorated by Jackie R. using fabric paints.

The (Sitter) Sisters

The Sitter Mary Anne and Sitter Dawn
Are sister sitter-ladies.
They’re thirteen if they’re a day
And have been since the eighties.
The Sitter Dawn, who’s tall and thin,
Wears mostly “California Causal” clothes
With not a care about the trends that currently are “in.”
Though she avoids all makeup, her youthful skin just glows.

The Sitter Mary Anne is stylish; at least post Dad relaxing,
And traded in her long brown braids in favor of a bob.
She loves her kitten Tigger so
And has been known to sob.
So when she sits for the kids she loves
They get extra special care
With gentle redirection when there are scrapes or shoves.
The Sitter Mary Anne and the Sitter Dawn are truly quite a pair.

In summer when the schools are out
The girls have lots to do.
With Jackie and Shea, Karen, Andrew, and Jennie P.
Plus bicoastal living, and Logan Bruno, too,
Free time becomes precious, if there even is any.
With restocking Kid Kits and meetings of the BSC,
Time flies through the season ‘til autumn comes knocking
And seventh grade starts again, as always met with glee.