Friday, November 27, 2009

Bonus Sticker Give-Away

So... I brought my childhood sticker book home from my mom's house, and I'm going through it right now. I'm keeping the really cool 1980's stickers (E.T., Lisa Frank), but I have a big bag of stickers up for grabs! They would be perfect for kids who like to stick and stick and stick. Just email me or leave a comment, and at the end of the week, I'll divvy the stickers up among everyone who asked for some and send 'em out!
xo Amanda


JoAnn Johnson said...

Hi Amanda, Guess I'm not very good at this comment thing. This is my
third try to get some stickers for my granddaughter, Kennedi, who is 4. She just loves stickers & it will be fun to give her some that are out of print. If you want, my son Steve could pick them up at your house since I'm in AZ. Hope the comment gets to you this time!
JoAnn Johnson

Anonymous said...

As badly as I want to win a give away, I'd rather some deserving kiddies get these! Plus, I would have really wanted the cool 80's stickers anyway ;)

val said...

what a great idea Amanda!!! I know Kaylee LOVES stickers, if you have any to spare!


Kristin said...

I guess it is too late for this, but if not, I'm interested!