Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Miracle #1

This year, three amazing Christmas miracles happened to us.  Here's the first one:
Karl and I go to a little town called Cedarburg every year for a few days after Christmas.  There's not a lot to do there (which is lovely), so we spend time watching movies, sitting in front of the fire, chatting at coffee shops, and wandering through antique shops.  We always find something we need.  This year, it was this sweet little vintage lamp:

If you wind the ferris wheel, the riders go around and music plays.  The best part: well, everything.  The worst part: the hideously boring shade. 
Fast forward a couple of days and a 90-minute drive, when we stopped at an antiques shop just outside of Madison and found... in the furniture section because we were just going to quickly look at furniture and then go home, which makes it even more miraculous... the perfect shade!  Same company and everything. 

Goodbye, white shade.  Hello, adorableness.  


Laura said...

that is freaking amazing!!!

abcgirl said...

Super cute!! What's the company?

Amanda said...

It's called Nursery Originals, or sometimes Irmi. They were popular in the 70's, and they made a lot of really cute nursery items. Proceed to etsy or ebay with caution!!!

Anonymous said...

totally amazing! and super cute lamp! -tk