Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Miracle #2

Karl and I went to my mom's house for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  It pretty much involved a lot of eating and lounging, which of course are the ingredients for the perfect holiday.  During one lounge session, I was reading a Real Simple magazine, and I came across this page:

"Ohmygosh we need those!" I may have shouted when I saw the upper right corner...
Need.  I even tore out the page so I could remember where to order them. 
When Karl and I got home on Christmas, there was a package waiting from my dear friend Caitrin (who by the way should start her own blog to show off all of her ideas for elf-on-the-shelf placement.  I do not even like elves-on-the-shelves but I would completely support her in this blogging endeavor because her placements really are incredible).  Inside were several darling items, including the hedgehog dryer balls!  Can you believe that?!  It's like she just knew we needed them, before we even knew they existed.  And that, my friends, is a true Christmas miracle.  Our laundry area has never been so adorable. 


jmb said...

Oh my. NEED.

Case said...

Seriously? I am so happy!!!! I was thinking my Christmas package was lame this year. I mean it only included small hearts in the corners of the dish towel. How weak is that? Guess where we found the hedge hogs? At the Seattle airport.