Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ten on Ten: January

Karl making breakfast
Salad and brownies ready to take to a friend's house tonight
Evidence of last night's activities
Swimming locker
Homemade stand-up desk
A little corner of my office
Working on a flannelboard set for Caps for Sale
View out my office window
My mom's new puppy came to visit!!!
Inside the back door of the library

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Laura said...

new puppy? Fun! And Caps for Sale - my mom was just quoting that for me the other day. She loves it. I'll have to tell her to pop into your library to see the display.

Mirys + Guigo + Nina said...

Great set!
What a view you have from your window...

Kisses and blessings.
(from Brazil but participating!!!)

miss macri said...

Great set - love the flannel board for caps for sale - excellent book!

Case said...

Does Karl always drink wine for breakfast?

Love the desk. I once made one out of a table saw when I broke my tailbone. I found that I got so much more done.

mmcgre01 said...

cute puppy!