Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Miracle #3

I have never claimed to be a photographer.  Just keep that in mind, okay?  Because I am about to show you photographic evidence of Christmas Miracle #3, and you are going to be underwhelmed because I take kind of bad pictures.  But trust me.  In real life, these are amazing.
A few years ago, my mom and I picked up a super cute set of vintage glasses at the thrift store in her town.  The've got little etched stars all over them, and the original set had short glasses, tall glasses, and two shot glasses (just in case).  Of course we bought them all.  Karl and I love them and use them all the time.  Here's a photo of one of our kitchen shelves.  Remember: not a photographer. 

My mom was randomly telling her friend about the glasses a couple of weeks ago, and her friend- I am not making this up- said, "Oh, I bet I donated those.  My brother bought those for my mom at the PX when he was in the service.  I have more in the basement."  And she went down to the basement and brought up a big box brimming with what can only be described as a Christmas Miracle. 

I knew nothing about this, so I was surprised when we went home for Christmas and my mom handed me the box.  It held at least 20 more glasses, in different sizes and shapes, like this one:

And the piece de resistance... a matching cocktail shaker!

This is when I wish my photography skills were better, because then you could see how awesome this shaker truly is.  Little etched stars... thick glass... pure love.  Come over and I'll mix you up a cocktail in it! 


Laura said...

That is freaking amazing! the little stars were a very popular glassware patter for a decade or something (my mom's mom had some serving try or something) so I bet you'll run across more types of items, even beyond glasses! But I agree, total Christmas miracle! And so fun for the lady to know they are so loved :). said...

cuuute!!! love these beyond! so excited for you!

on an unrelated note, i would love to invite you to our BE CRAFTY weekend retreat in february...but just realized i've misplaced your email! would you mind sending it my way? thanks so much!

Desiree said...

Wow, those really are 3 miracles! I love those glasses, stunning!

jennyj said...

in LOVE with all your miracles, nice ace.. nice!