Sunday, January 2, 2011

New for Christmas

A goal in our household is to keep the size of our Christmas decoration collection in check. I just put everything away today (cue Hallelujah chorus... the house has never felt so good. I love Christmas, but seriously it was time), and I was thrilled that it all fit into two medium-sized tubs-- with room to spare! We try to be really choosy about what we get and what we keep. Here are a few new additions this year:

I made this Christmas tree skirt to replace our old mini-skirt. We got a new tree stand, which is larger than our old one, and the old skirt just wasn't covering what needed to be covered. So I whipped this one up using some fabric I got at a sidewalk sale for next to nothing last summer. I love the blue and brown... so not reindeer-y. Like a breath of fresh air.

I know I already showed these off, but honestly, are these not the cutest little Santa mugs ever? They found a home on the shelf below our tea cabinet. So perfect. Vintage, from a local thrift store, $1.50 for the whole set. Love.
On our after-Chrismtas getaway, we went to a town that could be considered "antique store-heavy." Karl and I love poking around in the shops, seeing what treasures we can find. This time, we picked out a few tree ornaments (including one super sweet clip-on bird... too bad it's already stashed away... you'll have to wait till next year to see it) and this delightful NOEL. The letters each have space to hold a candle. It's perfect for our mantel.
This last one isn't for us to keep. I knit up this little jultomten (Chrismtas gnome) for my little brother, who is trying to establish a collection of 100 percent handmade Christmas decorations. You may recall last year's gifts. Those were given on Christmas day, but this little guy was just finished, so he'll be a little bit belated. Sorry to ruin the surprise, Elsworth!


Case said...

Um...that is the coolest Elf on the Shelf EVER. Too bad I have not mailed your Christmas Present yet... You are going to have to pull the boxes back out since it is ALL Christmas Decorations!

Elsworth said...

Suddenly I can't wait to get to ALA! That elf is going with my to all my meetings. I might bring the hedgehog, too. You're the best.

jennyj said...

love the gnome. is it swedish?