Sunday, December 6, 2009


We're getting our tree today! I'm so excited! Karl put electric candles in the windows the other day (he even put them on a timer, so they go on every night at 7:00- what a genius!), and we have the stockings on the mantel and a gorgeous wreath on the front door (thanks, Mom!), so our house already looks kind of Christmassy. But the tree is totally going to seal the deal.

This morning I got up ridiculously early because I wanted to do two projects in preparation for the arrival of the tree. The first was a pad to protect our wood floor from the tree stand. I found an old thick wool sweater that I had been meaning to felt and make into mittens. I cut two big circles out of the sweater's front and back, just larger than the base of our tree stand, then sewed the circles together. Done.

Then I made a tree skirt. I had snagged a cute piece of vintage fabric at a recent swap (our knitting group gets together every so often to trade clothes, craft supplies, and random other items). I cut a big circle out of it and then cut a smaller circle in the middle, for the stand. Then I hemmed both edges. It slips right on- no buttons, zippers, velcro, snaps... Of course, this means we'll have to remember to put the skirt on before putting the tree in the stand!

The skirt's not very big, more of a mini-skirt. But it covers the stand, which is really the goal, right? And it wasn't made in China. And it cost $0.00. Sweet.


Anonymous said...

Huh. That sweater looks vaguely familiar......

ErinM said...

That is so totally awesome. And I love the candle in the window decoration...simple, easy, and by far the decoration I love best out of any I've ever seen.

And the tree skirt is awesome too! Can't wait to see how it all looks if there's still stuff going on after work next Saturday!r

Shannon Anderson said...

you are so crafty! I'm jealous! :)