Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Wrap-Up

Do you know how many pictures I took on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the day after Christmas, combined? Zero. That's how committed I am to preserving family memories. I did manage to remember to get my camera out a few times, though... here are a few tidbits for you.

When I went to Milwaukee for my sister's college graduation, my mom, my brother, and I went to the annual Steiff exhibit at the M&I bank downtown. We usually go every year at Christmastime. The exhibit includes all of these store window display-sized Steiff stuffed animals dressed up according to a theme, like "filling station," "candy factory," or "prom." Okay, there hasn't been a prom one, but if I were in charge, there would be. There would also be a shoe store one. Not because I love shoes, but think how funny it would be-- there would be giraffe-foot-shaped shoes, elephant-foot-shaped shoes, penguin-foot-shaped shoes... This year's theme was kind of weak. I think it was "Enchanted Forest" or something boring like that. Basically just a lot of stuffed animals dressed up, wearing flower crowns and holding hands. But there was one cute side display. It had smaller animals in folktale scenes. The photo above shows the Brementown musicians. Look closely... there's a robber on the roof!

Karl and I took a little trip to Cedarburg after Christmas. We love our room-- it's got a whirlpool bath and a gas fireplace. I could live there. It's also got this special washcloth just for makeup. Unfortunately, I did not wear or bring any makeup on our trip. Next time I'll wear a lot so I can use the makeup washcloth.

On our way home from Cedarburg (yes, you just saw the one and only photo I took during our trip... a washcloth... lovely), we stopped at a big monastery on a hill called Holy Hill. We went up into the church and checked out the stained glass. It was so beautiful. We were there right at sunset, which was perfect. You can see for miles from there, and the monastery is surrounded by beautiful country land. Gorgeous.

So, uh, that's it for my Christmas pictures. Fortunately, my mom is a prolific photographer, and we've already received an envelope of pictures from her. Thanks, Mom!


Anonymous said...

on Christmas I have memories of Holy Hill also! you can see it from G's dad's house, and his niece calls it the "bunny castle" because from a distance it looks like it has two ears and a cotton tail (steeples). she's 3. so she would constantly run to the window, shout, "bunny castle!" and then giggle uncontrollably. over and over. all day long. :)


Laura said...

Good thing for Mom! Although I can't believe she sent prints rather than digital. And super jealous of your trip to Holy Hill. I need to visit that place. It's the standard landmark for my Milwaukee area contractors and nobody could believe I've never been there. I would be in your boat with no make up for make up towel. Maybe I'd have to run to the store and pick something up so I could try it out :).