Friday, January 21, 2011

Muppetational Field Trip

On Thursday, my friends Kate and Anna and I, plus kiddos, and drove down to Chicago to vist the Museum of Science and Industry.

We packed up early and hit the road in the minivan! As you can see, William was all set with his sunglasses. And Henry rocked the PowerPuff Girls hat. Baby Kieran was in the back seat, being antisocial in his rear-facing car seat. Kate knit an entire hat during the car ride.

Thankfully, we had a big box of goodies to keep us occupied on the road. Anna said she packed these toys for the kids, but I know they were really for me. I get antsy.

At the museum, we spent a long time looking at the humongous pinball-type machine from Switzerland. So cool.

But the hit of the day was...

The Jim Henson exhibit! As a lifelong fan of the Muppets, I was thrilled beyond words to see this. It included original sketches and early work by Jim Henson, along with some tried and true favorites. Bert and Ernie were there and I just wanted to hug them. I wish I could move to Sesame Street. Many thanks to Anna, Kate, William, Henry, and Kieran for a superful field trip!


Anna said...

It was SUPER-FUN! I'm so glad we could all go together!

Laura said...

I am super jealous. About the toy box, but mostly about Bert and Ernie. I love, love, love them the best. I will move to Sesame Street with you.

Kristen E said...

Fun to see Henry & William after I saw their awesome Advent calendars being made before my very eyes. Yay for a field trip! Did you remember your permission slip, Amanda?

ErinM said...

I'm so glad you guys had fun!