Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Remember my Muppet Whatnot? He has totally become my storytime mascot. And he's not just a whatnot... he's a meteorologist. Yep. It's true. Every Tuesday, he sits next to me at the beginning of storytime and gives the weather report. Sometimes it's accurate (like the time it was "raining cats and dogs" on our dog-themed day... what a happy coincidence), sometimes it really has nothing to do with the weather (like on the meteorologist's birthday, when all he can talk about are presents and hats and cake. He is very birthday-focused, let me tell you), and sometimes it's downright incorrect.

Like yesterday, when he said that it was hot out. Good thing there was a room full of kids ready to correct him! Then he said it was rainy. Silly meteorologist. It wasn't rainy. "Nooo!" all the kids shouted, "It's cold! It's snowy!" Finally he listened to them. They're so smart.

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Laura said...

You are so fun. I want to go to your story time.