Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holly Jolly

We're gearing up for an action-packed holiday, including time with both families, several work shifts for Karl (boo), and a little trip to Cedarburg. We're going back to the place where we stayed on our minimoon (isn't that what you call a two-night honeymoon?)... we even have the same room. We went last Christmas, too, and it was so nice to get away together. Cedarburg is a really small town, but it's got a winery, a charming little movie theater, and lots of antique shops. Mostly I just love being with Karl and having the time to chat over cups of coffee with nowhere to rush off to.

It's strange that this is our third Christmas as a married couple. How does time go so fast? I'm definitely getting lazier... our first Christmas, I knit stockings for us (and a set for my entire family... how on earth did I have the time?), and last year I knit an Advent calendar for our mantel. This year, I made absolutely nothing except a few batches of cookies which I had to give away because I was eating them like there was no tomorrow. I didn't even fill up the Advent calendar. I did, however, manage to find Karl the router table and cast iron Dutch oven he requested. At least we'll have those to commemorate this Christmas.

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Dr.Shazam said...

Pardon me for being childish, but I didn't realize there really is such a thing as a 'Dutch Oven.' Now I'm not sure what to call it when someone passes gas in bed and traps their spouse under the cover. Thank you for enlightening me on your fine website.