Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

I took this picture of our house yesterday morning as I was leaving for the bus stop:

And I took this one today:

Can you believe all that wood?! That was one huge tree. It's a lot of work now, but we'll be loving all of the firewood next year.

We also had a tree taken down in the backyard. It was a walnut tree, and squirrels LOVED to drop walnuts from it onto our roof. The noise from the walnuts was unbelievably loud. I will not miss that tree. Well, the tree, maybe, but definitely not the loud walnut-dropping noises. I'm super excited because Karl is thinking about making a new kitchen counter for us out of the walnut wood. Yes, that's right, we may have to say good-bye to the orange countertop.

I didn't know this before we bought our house, but Karl has a certain hatred for small woodland critters. He hates chipmunks the most. Squirrels are a close second, with rabbits (I know! Who hates rabbits?!) not far behind. Between the trees coming down and all of the juniper bushes we recently took out, we've eliminated quite a few critter homes. I feel bad about it, but Karl seems to feel kind of triumphant. He laughs when he sees a forlorn squirrel or chipmunk in the yard looking around for a place to hide. As sorry as I am for the little furry friends, I do love seeing Karl so happy.


Anonymous said...

Umm, I do love little woodland creatures! Just not the ones living in our garage. Also I did have two pet bunnies growing up that I remember with fondness (Cotton and Rocky). Also in the menagarie were a variety of hamsters and gerbils.

Caitrin said...

My dad has an ongoing battle with small woodland creatures- they are constantly eating the lawn furniture. He has taken to shooting them with a bb gun - totally unfair. Lets hope that is not where you are headed!

Andrea said...

Tom and my dogs are not fond of woodland creatures. Tom hates red squirrels and bunnies. Cooper and Logan hate everything.

Does Karl know about Rupert having babies in the bathtub?