Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not So Early Girl

Check it out! We have something growing in our garden box... a cute little green pepper! I realize it's almost October, but I'm proud nonetheless. What's really amazing is that this pepper plant sat on our front steps all summer long (along with some tomato plants), so when we finally put it in the ground, it was spindly and dry and basically tormented-looking. So I'm amazed that it is producing anything.

The tomatoes, though, are a different story... I don't think we're going to be seeing any red this year (except for on Badger game days!). Note that the tag for the tomatoes says "Early Girl." Mmm-hmmm. Not at our house. Turns out we operate more on the "We'll put you in the ground really really late and it would be great if you could produce a few tomatoes for us" principle.

This is what the garden boxes look like. My very thorough and project-oriented husband built them. I tried to help, but truthfully I'm better at not helping.

The second garden box is doing a lot of good work holding up our canoe. Maybe next year we'll get that one planted. Any maybe next year we'll get something planted during a season that is not fall or winter.

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AndiMae said...

Your little garden box is so so cute! I am hoping to get some sort of garden planted in our yard next spring, but we'll see...I am not that great at keeping plants alive! :)