Monday, August 30, 2010

Ride the Drive!

This weekend, my friend Amanda and I checked out an event called Ride the Drive. It was so fun! The city closed a bunch of streets (I'm sure drivers were thrilled), and tons of people biked around. There were booths with cool activities like screen printing and hula hoop making, and some totally awesome musical groups were performing along the way.

Amanda and I had to try this vegetable slalom course!

Of course, the Wienermobile was there. We got to go inside... take a look at the details! The dashboard is even shaped like a hot dog. Sweet!

Lance Armstrong was at Ride the Drive, but we didn't see him. We were probably going so fast that he couldn't catch us!

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Laura said...

Thanks for posting pictures. I was downtown (Engineering campus to the capitol) and saw streets closed and knew Ride the Drive was kind of happening, but had no idea what that meant. It looks like fun! I might try it out if they do it again next year. Good call on the veggie course.