Friday, September 17, 2010

I just saved $150.

Monday is our second wedding anniversary, and to celebrate, we decided to go out for a really nice dinner on Sunday. I called the restaurant today to ask a couple of questions, and the woman on the phone was rude. So we're not going there! I just decided, two minutes ago, after I got off the phone with Rude Lady. Goodbye, Rudy. Hello, beloved standby.

Mmmm... I love Sala Thai. And I love not giving $150 to a rude lady. It's really too bad, because I've been to the rude lady's restaurant before, and it is fantastic. But at this moment, I'm looking for a nice mix of fantasticity and manners, and I know we can find that at Sala Thai.


Anna said...

Sala Thai is the bomb. It has the family restaurant feel, with food that I can only have dreamt of growing up eating. Deeeeeelicious.

And I didn't get to regale you all about Restaurant Muramoto, which was a FANTASTIC place for a fancy dinner out, with great food and a great waitstaff and a great kitchen. (Did I mention it was great?!)

ErinM said...

Holy Crap, Amanda, that is a GREAT picture! If I didn't know better, I would have said that was a place in some quaint small town!

Glad you guys had fun and Happy Anniversary!

Shannon Anderson said...

sad for you that the Harvest Host was rude. They're usually so nice! Oh well, sometimes you get a dud. Just think, you probably had better food for a lot cheaper! Always a good thing!