Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ten Reasons Why...

Ten reasons why I love riding the bus to work:

1. It takes 12 minutes to walk from our house to the bus stop. That's twelve minutes of being outdoors, which is nice.

2. That's also 12 minutes of exercise, twice a day. For free.

3. During those 12 minutes, I get sneaky peeks at what happens around our neighborhood in the morning. I know who gets the paper in his skivvies, who drinks tea at the window every morning, who watches trashy morning TV shows... I feel a little bit like Harriet the Spy, and I love it!

4. It's cheap. Owning just one vehicle allows us to own our house and do other things we couldn't do if we were paying for an additional car.

5. It's relaxing. I usually read or knit, or just sit and do nothing. How often do you stop and do nothing? It's nice.

6. It's carefree. No filling the tank, changing the oil, or fixing the transmission.

7. It feels sort of European.

8. I like being able to help bus newbies figure out routes and schedules.

9. Funny (and not-so-funny) things happen, which make great stories to tell later.

10. I get to mooch rides off of a lot of friends, which gives me more time with them.

1 comment:

Kathy said...

My favorites: you are Harriet the Spy and it feels European. You go girl! :)