Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Whole Lotta Give-Away

When I first discovered Lotta Jansdotter's books, I wanted to quit my job and stay home sewing and printing all day long. Okay, truthfully, I still feel that way whenever I see any of her books. That's why I can't own them. They're way too dangerous.

Luckily, Lotta's got some fantastic everyday products, like sticky notes (in my desk drawer!) and notecards. Speaking of notecards, I'm giving away a Lotta Jansdotter Notecard Book to one of you beautiful readers! Just leave a comment or email me with the name of someone who inspires you. Or something that inspires you. Or both. I'll draw a name next weekend, so enter by October 8!

And let me tell you, you will love these luscious cards. I should buy a case of them.


Anna said...

I'm inspired by my husband to keep running. And by you, too, Amanda!

ErinM said...

OK, well, Anna is brown nosing here. ;) hugs, Anna!

I'm inspired by Kate - that girl knows how to not rely on a grocery store for her food! Making bread, preserving an entire garden, keeping chickens - it's awesome! I don't think I'll ever be as good as her, but I can make dried beans!