Wednesday, May 16, 2012


1.  Remember that swimming class I started a while back?  Well, it's still going on, and I love it.  We meet three mornings a week from 7:00-8:00.  And it's fabulous. 

2.  I'm super excited to be doing Carissa's sew-along project!  My sewing machine does not see nearly enough action, so this will be the perfect opportunity to get it humming on a regular basis. 

3.  I have now worked ten days in a row (including one 11-hour day), and I'm tired. 

4.  We get to go to a wedding this weekend!  I love weddings.  And this one is going to be gorgeous! 

5.  This semester, I had a practicum student from UW-Madison.  She is fantastic.  I got to take her out for dinner last night to celebrate her graduation and the fact that she already landed a great job!  We went to the Sunroom Cafe on State Street.  The last time I went there was in 2005, with my practicum advisor.  I have to admit, it's fun to be on this end of the equation. 


Laura said...

hooray for #4! and that book project looks like lots of fun. 10 working days in a row is unacceptable. gross.

Case said...

I bet you have awesome arms...nothing like my noodles