Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Quiet Book Sewalong: Page #2

Next up in the sewalong: Three Little Pigs!

 Once upon a time,

Three little pigs set out to build houses for themselves.   

 One pig built a house out of straw, and one used sticks for her house. 

But one very smart pig used bricks to build a nice solid house.   

The three pigs had lots of fun living in their quiet hillside community, until...  

The big bad wolf showed up.   

I won't tell you what happened to the straw house and the stick house; let's just say they were no match for the wolf's huff-puff-puff.  In the end, one house was left standing... and boiled wolf soup was on the menu for dinner.

What you don't see in these pictures:  all of the characters are finger puppets, the houses open up like books so the pigs can really go inside, and everything stores inside the pockets formed by the hills. 

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Laura said...

super fun! i love that you're doing this.