Thursday, May 24, 2012

Garden Tour

 Remember the terrace garden we planted back in March?  Things are growing in it!!!  Things that will one day be edible!  We have watermelon, butternut squash, green beans, lettuce and tomatoes all coming up.  I love it! 

 Be bought a few tomato plants, but the one on the far right of this photo is one that we grew from a seed.  It might be a good idea to move the tomato cage, huh?

In our backyard, we have the raised beds that Karl built last year.  One is full of lettuce...

(it's supposed to be 90 degrees here this weekend, so I'm afraid we'll have to pick all of our lettuce before it withers away)

The other box is exploding with kale:

I can't wait till we can start harvesting some homegrown goodness! 


nichole said...

That is so lovely!

Laura said...

I'm impressed. At this rate you'll be able to say goodbye to your csa.

Kate said...

Beautiful! I love the kale :) I am making it my goal this year to take a picture of my garden every week throughout the summer so I can see how much it has grown!