Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quiet Book Sewalong: Page #1

Carissa is leading a darling sewalong!  I am not the world's most confident, skilled, or patient seamstress.  But I decided to try the quiet book sewalong, just for fun! 

The first page is a snail marble maze.  But mine's not a maze; it's just a marble free-for-all.  The biggest trick was finding material for the snail shell.  It was supposed to be sheer.  Hmm.  The most sheer fabric in my box of scraps wasn't actually sheer at all... it was white with a cute floral pattern on it.  It would have made an adorable snail shell, but the whole point was to be able to see the marble through the shell, so I went to the fabric store and picked up some actual sheer fabric-- with sparkles!  Here are the two contestants for the shell material.  I call them Floral and Sparkly.  Sparkly won.   


At the fabric store, I also did something completely unprecedented and purchased thread to match the fabric colors I was going to be using.  Typically, I just go with whatever is on my machine (when I got it out last night, it had dark green on the top and white in the bobbin).  Using matching colors meant winding more bobbins and threading my machine a few extra times, but it was totally worth it.  I recommend it.  I may even have to buy some more bobbins! 

 Here is my finished quiet book page!  The idea is that a toddler can push the marble around inside the snail shell.  I love the sparkly fabric because the sparkles actually stick up, so you feel them on the pads of your fingers as you roll the marble around.  Hello, sensory experience. 

The back of the page is even cute!  

The marble, up close and personal (don't you just want to touch those sparkles?).


Laura said...

you are a total professional.

TK said...

so cool! I wanted to do Carissa's sew-a-long too because she is so creative, and I have been wanting to make a quiet book. But my sewing machine blows chunks. The bobbin thread keeps breaking :) -tk

Kate said...

So awesome. What a great project for a kid! I may have to try it out!