Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ten on Ten: Garage Sale Edition

Last night, Karl and I made a list of things to look for at garage sales.  Practical items that we actually have uses for. 

None of the goodies I picked up today are on that list...

1.  9:15am.  Welcome to Wisconsin, where it's always brat o'clock. Note the grill on the far left. 
2.  Okay, so I already have one Fisher Price Little People Sesame Street.  But as long as I was buying the little bus (for fifty cents), it just made sense to buy Sesame Street, too.  And it came with the garbage truck.   
3.  One dollar for this big box of cardboard blocks!
4.  The seller of the blocks threw in Speedy Gonzales for free. 
5 and 6.  I was thrilled to find this Lite-Brite, and even more thrilled at the seller's handwritten "Hours of Fun" tag.  My only hesitation was that the set didn't come with very many pegs. 
7.  Serendipitously, at the very next sale, I found these.  I am not making this up!  It was basically a garage sale miracle, if you believe in those. 
8.  Vintage tablecloth
9.  Deviled egg dish... totally unnecessary, but I've secretly wanted one for a long time, so it was worth the dollar. 
10.  I passed these up, but if we lived in a mansion I would have bought them.  Also if we lived in a mansion we would have an entire room dedicated to deviled egg dishes. 


Jill said...

Great finds :-) Have a great night!


Laura said...

no!! I was really hoping you bought those amazing tv trays!! But totally awesome finds. I hope you purchased something at the brat fry - those are my absolute favorite. And you're so right - garage sale miracle on the lite brite. Lisa and I still have ours, including a bunch of those sheets so you don't have to make up your own pattern. Maybe someday we can lite brite together.

Jenny said...

wow, really great first i thought it was YOUR garage sale and I, she's getting rid of a lot of great stuff...and how do i get there?

miss macri said...

I love those t.v. trays - we have been looking for an affordable set for a while now. They seem hard to find anywhere other than antique stores in my neck of the woods! great set :)

Desiree said...

I love the lite brite! I miss mine and I really want one for my kiddo! Great finds!