Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Terrace Garden

Two years ago, we had the wiry juniper bushes between our house and the neighbor's house pulled up, leaving a bare sloped area along the length of the driveway with nothing but a row of really lovely cinder blocks in the ground to reinforce it. I will not show you pictures because it's embarrassing. Apologies to our next door neighbors, who have been trying to sell their house... I'm sure our lack of landscaping hasn't helped!

Meanwhile, we've really wanted to plant a garden. Unfortunately, we have some big walnut trees, making our backyard garden-unfriendly. We built some raised beds last year and had some success, but we wanted a real garden. A plot of land we can dig in and pluck salads from. Karl had a great idea to plant a little garden in the empty sloped space where the juniper bushes had been. When he suggested a terrace garden, I was basically in heaven. A terrace garden. Sounds romantic, doesn't it? And vaguely Italian? Ya, well, we put the terrace garden in over the weekend and it's not romantic or Italian. It's kind of an eyesore, to be honest. Imagine chicken wire and stakes, and there you have it. I will also not show you any pictures of our terrace garden. I have high hopes that we will harvest at least one edible item from this disaster (Karl encouraged me to plant watermelon after pointing out how much money we'd save if we succeeded... we go through a lot of watermelon in the summer). I will, however, show you a genius idea that needs to happen at our house next year. It's from here.

Why didn't we think of this? There would be a lot less chicken wire in our yard if we had.

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Mäkifamiljen said...

I love that sallad on the wall!! I will make my own sallad on the wall as soon as I get a wall :-)
I thought of you and Laura as the town is preparing for the spring paraid tomorrow, one years since you came to visit. It was great having you! Next time in Sweden :-)