Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Welcome, 2010!

Karl and I kicked off the new year with a three-day getaway to Cedarburg, Wisconsin. We stayed at the same hotel where we stayed during our honeymoon. We actually stayed in the same exact room, because we loved it so much the first time around. It has a fireplace and a huge tub with whirlpool jets:

I honestly would have been happy staying in the hot tub the entire time (I think it took about an hour in there just for me to start to thaw out... I've been cold for three months straight). But we did venture out a few times. We saw Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs at the movie theater and visited the Cedar Creek Winery.

My favorite non-hot tub part of the trip was a morning we spent at a coffee shop. It was so nice to just relax together.

I worked on a hippopotamus I'm knitting, and Karl read. We played a couple of rounds of Boggle and our new favorite game, Lost Cities.

It snowed while we were at the coffee shop, which of course made it more picturesque. I loved this tablecloth at the shop. I'd like to make a similar one for our dining room table (but bigger, of course, and minus the glass... I guess I just liked the fabric).

We left Cedarburg on New Year's Eve after lunch, and we drove to Fond du Lac to visit our good friends, Mac and Amanda. Mac grilled steaks (Yes, he actually put the meat on the grill, outside! His soda was frozen when he came back inside.) and we watched approximately two hundred and fifty episodes of The Office and played Wii Family Feud and good old Boggle.

On New Year's Day, we all went hiking at a state park on Lake Michigan.

The mix of sand and snow was really pretty.

Good thing we all bundled up for the hike!

We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant after that, and then Karl and I headed home to Madison. We hope you had a fabulous holiday!

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nichole said...

Awesome! Looks like fun - and Lost Cities grabbed my eye, of course. :)

Happy New Year!