Thursday, December 2, 2010

Baby Shower by Mail

Some college friends and I have been working on a super-secret project for wonderful Mara, who is expecting her first baby. Mara lives in Chicago, and I live in Wisconsin, Caitrin lives in Denver, Jenny lives in Wyoming, Lindsay lives in San Diego, and Jen lives in Seattle. Getting together for a baby shower just wasn't going to happen. So...

we sneakily created...

a baby shower by mail in five easy steps!

We all planned to mail our packages on the same day. I wrote on the outside "Package #1 of 5... open when all 5 have arrived!"

Step 1: Decorate!

Step 2: Have a snack (Belly Bars)

Step 3 was wrapped in the sweetest little red Chinese take-out box... The instructions were to get out a cute plate for these

Step 4: Make treats (can you tell what my priorities are? Three out of five steps include food)... I could not resist this adorable cupcake kit!

I texted Mara when I was shopping to see what her favorite flavor was... she texted back "Lemon. Or maybe Pumpkin." She's getting both. It's kind of perfect because each mix makes 12 cupcakes, and the kit has enough materials for 24 cupcakes...

Step 5: Open presents! This is when she opens up all of the packages... Here's what I sent:

Sweater and pumpkin hat (we don't know if she's having a boy or a girl)

Personalized onesie and sweatshirt... hopefully someday I'll need one that says "Struckmeyer Jr." Seriously, baby stuff is so cute I can hardly handle it.


Laura said...

You are so absolutely amazing and a great friend.

Anonymous said...

wow, what a sweet idea. i bet she loved it! -tk

Kristen E said...

OH MY GOODNESS, amazing. I just forwarded this post to two of my best friends cuz I'm so dang impressed. SO AWESOME! You're a great friend and so fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Mara here! I cannot even begin to describe how amazing our dear Amanda is and all of my other Bennies..... I have NEVER seen such an amazing shower and it came out of a BOX. A magical and delightful time. I cannot express how truly touched and blessed I feel!

mara 'k'

Leslie said...

this is seriously darling, and what a FUN FUN idea