Monday, December 6, 2010

This is a true story.

Last year was the first winter Karl and I spent in our house, and it was the first chance we really had to decorate for Christmas. We put up a tree, hung a wreath out front, decorated the mantel, and made a cheery paper chain out of scrapbook paper. Then, out of some Rubbermaid tub in some dark corner of the basement, Karl produced a box marked "Nativity." He unpacked what has got to be the saddest looking wooden nativity set ever. It's totally falling apart and has several exposed nails. Baby Jesus looks like an old man (seriously- I think he even has a beard). The shepherd's crook is gone, and in its place someone had thoughtfully inserted a thin dowel with a dangerously jagged broken-off end. By far, though, the best part is the angel, sitting on top of the stable. It's a Precious Moments angel pin. The pin part is pretty practical, because we can poke the pointy part right in and it stays put. Because goodness knows, we don't want that Precious Moments angel going anywhere.

The next item I will be knitting is a nativity set for us. I already have a pattern.

The good people at tell me that a random number between 1 and 6 is... 2! Congratulations, Anna! I'll get you the puppy puppet in plenty of time for holiday giving.


Anna said...

Wahoooo! Thanks, Amanda!

My parents' Nativity scene is pretty raggedy these days. The one they gave us as a gift is actually pretty nice in comparison (it's some branded thing: Fontanini). When I went to look for other pieces online, I was completely surprised at how detailed and numerous the pieces were.

Laura said...

Hmm - I would like to see this Nativity in person or in a photo, please. Sounds interesting...and yes, I agree, Precious Moments angel is not to be lost.

Leslie said...

your house looks so so sweet. Love the garland on the mantel..

and that ornament of you SO CUTE!