Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pre-November Rambling

Tomorrow is the first day of November, which means that 30 Days of Thankfulness kicks off in just a few short hours. Before that starts, I'll just fill you in on a few tidbits...

Karl and I forgot to carve our jack-o-lanterns. We just have two pumpkins sitting on the stoop. I like to think it's the rustic look.

I made an awesome, extremely easy curry soup this morning in the pressure cooker. And I'm going to try a rabbit recipe in the pressure cooker later this week. If I can get my hands on a rabbit, that is... I've got plans to visit a rabbitry tomorrow.

Guess who is working hard on a humongous project that is due tomorrow. Guess who should have had it done weeks ago. That would be me. Karl woke up this morning and I was sitting in bed, proofreading, and all he could say was, "It's seven a.m."

I'm hoping to paint the living room next weekend. Green. I'd also like to paint the hallway and kitchen, install new bedroom lights, paint the kitchen cabinets, change the drawer pulls, install a new kitchen floor, and get rid of that hideous flourescent light above the sink. Is that too much for one weekend?

We tried the dark chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joe's yesterday... a coworker had been raving about them, and when there's raving about food, it's usually only a matter of time till I have to try it. Well, let me tell you, these are worth the rave. And worth the trip to TJ's. Fortunately, we took them to Karl's brother and sister-in-law's house, and we left the container there.

I'm reading Sophie Kinsella's new book, Mini Shopaholic. So fun.

Tonight is trick-or-treating! Hopefully we'll get more visitors than last year, when we just got one...

Did I ever tell you about our childhood neighbor who used to put a huge cauldron in her yard and float a baby doll in it for Halloween? I spent at least the first eight years of my life convinced she was a cannibal.


Laura said...

I like your thoughts! Especially that you told me the new book is out - I just placed a hold on the audio book. I love to listen to the British accent.

I think you may be a little ambitious for one weekend's work, but what do I know? If Karl helps and your only weekend activity is work you may be able to get it all done. Then I'll head on over, admire your hard work and praise you!

I'm excited to see what you're going to be doing for 30 days of Thankfullness.

Cassie said...

I might have to join in the 30 days of thankfullness this year! Sounds like a challenge (not to be thankful...but to get it written down!).

Our pumpkins are uncarved as well...and green. They will last us till Thanksgiving though!

Your old neighbor sounds creepy...