Thursday, October 28, 2010


You should be jealous. You should be very, very jealous.

I got to host a Rainbow Fairies party today. We made magic wands, listened to songs from the Cinderella soundtrack, read chapters from a couple of books (India the Moonstone Fairy and Goldie the Sunshine Fairy, if you must know), and made Fairy Frames.

What's a Fairy Frame?

I'll show you...

Gold matboard (purchased for next-to-nothing in the "seconds" department at an art supply warehouse) plus index cards plus photos plus magic markers... so fun. The kids brought their own photos, so they each got to decide what they would be the fairy of. We had a slug fairy, a thunder fairy, and several giraffe fairies. Oh, and of course a book fairy!

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lindsay said...

i LOVE this, and so would the girls in my class. :)