Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bucky Rocks the Hiz-ouse

Karl and I went to the UW football game on Saturday against Ohio State. Ohio was ranked #1... but that was before they took on the Badgers.
I had never been to a real football game until Karl and I started dating. And let me tell you, they are totally fun. I don't really even understand football, but I love seeing all of the fans (especially the student section), the cheerleaders, and the band. Oh, and the Bucky mascot, of course.

At the beginning of the game, the band and cheerleaders all line up to welcome the team onto the field. There's so much energy in the stadium!

The moment the Badgers won, the crowd went completely wild. Everyone rushed onto the field, despite the announcer's warnings: (totally deadpan voice) "Please remove yourself from the playing field." It was so fun to be on the field celebrating with everyone.
Don't worry, the goalposts didn't break. Apparently the stadium is equipped with unbreakable ones because this type of scene isn't exactly rare...

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