Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Woodland Critter Christmas: Roll With It

Not sure what to make for breakfast on the next family holiday? Team Struckmeyer's got you covered.

Start with a package of refrigerated biscuits in a tube. Get the butter flavored ones if you must. Relish the feeling of opening the tube. Shape each biscuit into a basic small animal form. Think rounded blob with smaller rounded blob sticking out.

Sterilize the scissors on your mini Swiss Army knife and snip the dough to create spikes. The more spikes, the better. Just keep snipping.

Bake according to the instructions on the package; serve warm with honey.


Leslie said...

love catching up on you and Karl. Love the Woodland Christmas theme....

and the egg box, is so dang cute... and would be even a teensy bit cuter in olive... :)

love seeing what your up to..
and yes the vitamix... Im sorry about the introduction, but it is..... ahhhmazing and aw-worthy. :) haha Im a dork.

Laura said...

wow. these are my favorite woodland critter creatures yet. and I'm proud of you for all of the pictures you took.