Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Woodland Critter Christmas Meringue Contest

A lot of time on Christmas Eve was spent creating woodland critters out of meringue. Our favorite Christmas cookie magazine features a recipe for meringue angels, so we used that for our starting point. We mixed up a few batches of meringue in my mom's Kitchen-Aid, put it into decorating bags fitted with large tips, and away we went! Each of us had a workstation covered with parchment paper, which made transferring the critters to baking sheets really easy.

Elsworth did a lot of research before starting his critters.

Hanna, piping away:

Karl... so serious! He probably didn't want to get any meringue on the new sweater his wife made for him for Christmas.

A few favorites! The m&ms dots on the mushroom didn't quite turn out as we had hoped...

A squirrel angel:

Happy Woodland Critter Chistmas!

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Laura said...

I'm so glad you posted about how it turned out. Looks like fun! I need a close up of that sweater, please. You are such a professional.