Saturday, January 7, 2012

Husband's Handiwork

For the last I don't know how many years (at least 7), I've stored my jewelry in this darling little set of wooden drawers, courtesy of a yard sale. Each drawer is labeled with a different battery size, and I could never bear to take those sweet labels off.

Even though it has a handy nail hole for hanging, I never hung my jewelry keeper up. Instead, I've kept it behind my sock basket in the armoire. Here it is in its natural surroundings:

For Christmas, I asked Karl to make me a new jewelry holder, mainly so that my earrings are in plain sight so I'm more likely to wear them. We had a simple wooden frame from a thrift store, and Karl painted it, fitted it with wire mesh, added some knobs, and there you have it! Cute, huh?

Don't worry about my tried and true jewelry keeper. It's still in its rightful place behind the socks, holding a few things that didn't fit on the new one. And I like to think it is a lot more comfortable now that its drawers aren't crammed completely full.

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Laura said...

Karl is so great to you. And I am glad your jewelry has plenty of room. I'll be checking your ears the next time I see you!